our mission that is possible!

WE HAVE SOMETHING FOR EVERY BODY and in these days of trying times. We NEED to be involved & commune.

  • PRAYER - Get your prayer requests in to The Gospel Diva® on Join us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter
    or send an email to: outsideinwithmsmartha@gmail.com

  • ELDERS / SENIORS - The TRUE Thanks Giving is for ALL our Seniors for paving the way for us! (you ARE truly a blessing). Praying for the Elders that may be sick or less fourtunate. Know that we Do Love you seniors and Elders.

  • YOUTH - To provide a SAFE way to meet the Youth and to give an expression. To draw & uplift them RIGHT NOW through Music!

  • MUSIC - At it's BEST EVERYDAY! Where Indies Praise & Worship through praise, music, & swag music. To draw Kingdom of worship, to open up hearts and meet each other WORLD WIDE!

  • SUNDAY SCHOOL - Everyday is Sunday school! The Sabbath has NO ending. Blessed who keep the WORD in their Hearts day & nite. Blessing His HOLY Name as we walk through our days being blessed with SONGS of Righteous Rythms.

  • COMMUNITY SERVICE - To promote a platform of PRAISE and Respectfully blessing our surroundings. Through song & music to change the MINDS in our community. Starting with The Gospel Diva® Ms. Martha.